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The Broken Pier [ilk ingilizce şiirim]

Posted by fuydan on April 14, 2006

Açıklama: Bu şiir, Güney Asya'daki Tsunami felaketi anısına Norveç'te yapılacak bir anıt için açılan yarışma vesilesiyle sinem ile tasarladığımız projenin raporu niyetine yazılmıştır.

The Broken Pier 

From the water, tsunami arises

The sea itself it is.

Sea is the source, both in south and in north

Senseless to be angry with water it is

We can not find the answer, only search for an answer

how to shelter from the wrath of the gods and goddesses

Both in South and North we can not cease

but are to find how to live into the sea

and are to live thorough


At a shoreline in Norway, the sorrow of Asia arrives

ocean’s billow itself it is.

Norway in a shoreline  

is to break into the sea

The sea that ties North to South

            is to lose itself in the wield words of water


From the pier, the way springs out

The memorial itself it is.

Pier is the beginning, from North to South

Nothing we have known may bear the memory

Only a pier, of the Tsunami in Asia, to say in sooth

the sacred stage itself it is,

for mourning surrounded by the solitude of the sea


From pain, distance arises

The distance itself it is.

From Norway to Asia nobody can swim

But far away is the man who suffer

Senseless not to confess the sorrow belonging to South

We can not touch, only try to understand

at the coasts of Indian Ocean how the life is scattered

Nothing we have known may remind us,

only a broken pier, to say in sooth


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  1. şiir said

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